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Winter Pajama Boy and Girl Bearistas (2007)




Here are the OH-SO-Adorable bearista bears from the Winter of 2007. They are the 68th (boy) and 69th (girl) edition bears in the bearista collection. They are both holding their own little cuddle bears and they are all cozy in their pajamas and slippers. The girl bearista has a pink bow and pink and red snowflake pajamas and the boy bearista has a red and white striped stocking cap with red pajamas. They both have red slippers with fluffy white on the inside. They seem ready to sit by the fire and listen to a nice winter-time story before bed! Click the photos to enlarge. 🙂

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Reindeer Dancing All Around (2008)


These reindeer came out in 2008 and they rock! They are made from an interesting mix of fabrics including brown cord fabric that gives them their deer look. The big ones have red bows around their necks and stand proud and tall. The baby reindeer is actually an ornament with a ribbon hook that you could hang him up with. The baby also has buttons on his legs which make him look quite unique. The undersides of the reindeers are green and they all sport antlers. They were a fun addition to the 2008 Starbucks lineup! Click the photo to enlarge. 🙂

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Beijing Destination Bearista (2008)



Here is the 2008 Beijing Destination Series Bearista. She is the 40th edition in the Starbucks Bearista series. She is waving a Beijing flag that is in English on the back, and (I’m assuming) Chinese on the front. She has rosy cheeks and is wearing a light blue polo shirt and khaki skirt with white under garments. Her red Beijing sweatshirt is tied around her waist and she has a red cap as well. She also has some fabulous eyelashes! Click the photos to enlarge. 🙂

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Snowman Bearista with Music Box (1999)


This is a larger size bearista and he is totally awesome! Not only is he adorable with the plaid scarf, snowman suit, top hat and carrot nose, but he also has a wind-up music box inside of him! When you wind him up he plays the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” He is the 8th edition in the bearista series and he was born in 1999. Click the image for a larger photo. 🙂

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Hawaii Bearista (2010)


This is the 2010 Hawaii bearista! He is wearing surf shorts and a Hawaii t-shirt topped off with an orange cap. He’s ready to ride the waves and afterwards he’ll probably head to Starbucks for a nice latte! haha. Click the photo to enlarge. 🙂

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2010 Winter Bearista and Mouse






Well, I just bought the 2010 Winter Bearista and the mouse that goes with it. I also got the mouse tumbler and mouse mug. They are all really cute. The bear is reading a book that says “The Mouse Writer.” He has a winter outfit complete with green, white and red snowflake sweater, a red stocking cap, red pants and brown fuzzy boots! The mouse’s name is Huxley and he is a mouse writer apparently. He is wearing a red scarf with brown vest and he has a pink nose and off-white fur. The mouse mug says “One day a squirrel went out looking for acorns and found a friend.” It has a picture of the mouse and squirrel and a little sculpture of the mouse on the top of the handle. The tumbler is a smaller size and it says “Hello, I’m Huxley.” Huxley is on the tumbler along with a Christmas tree and stuff in a room. Click on the photos to enlarge them! 🙂

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Some Past Bearista Xmas Magnets