Hi! My name is Kristin Bell and I am working on creating a blog and website specifically about the Starbucks Bearista Bears! I initially had stuff on my KristinBell.org website, but I decided not to bog down that site with too much stuff about the bears, and instead decided to create a separate site for the bear discussion and photos of the bears! I started this site a number of years ago, but haven’t updated in a long time! I have a lot of bears to document, so I hope I can keep going. Feel free to email me anytime at kristin@kristinbell.org if you need anything.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have 9 bearista bears that I was wondering if anyone is interested in. They are in mint condition with tags on. They include: 2002 Autumn Bear, 2001 Holiday Elf, 14th Edition Ladybug bear, 30th ANniversary Bearista in Starbucks uniform, 13th Edition Cupid, 16th edition Scarecrow, 19th edition Springtime Shower, 12th Edition Santa, and 20th Edition 4th of July. Please contact me if you know of anyone who is interested or if you are.

  2. Hey Kristin,

    Just wondering… where can I buy bearistas bears here in the US? It is my second time already here in the US and looked at the various starbucks store but there isn’t much bearista bear on sale. It isn’t like in Asia where there are much more bears available in most stores. I was hoping I could get one while i’m here.

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Actually, in the US they don’t often have the bearistas for sale. I haven’t seen any in the stores for quite a long time. If they come out, they are there for the holidays usually, but at no other time. 😦 Sometimes you can get bears that are related to the city you are in, but they aren’t always available. I’m sorry! 😦

  3. Hi Rogie,
    I am relocating back to the UK after 22+ years in the US and I have bears going all the way back to ’99. I need to sell them, most have the tags still on them and the edition stamped on them aswell. I’d love to sell the whole lot if possible as I need the money to pay for air fare and somewhere to live. I would be happy to photograph them all for you so you can see if you are interested in any.
    Many thanks

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