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BOTW#2: Year of the Pig Bearista 2007


Well, for the second Bearista of the Week I decided to continue with the Asia bearista theme. Here we have another Asian new year bear. He is dressed up as a pig to celebrate the Year of the Pig in 2007. The pig nose can be taken off or put on the bear depending on your taste. This bear also has a red celebration lantern and is wearing a festive red outfit with flower inlays. I really think the pink sateen-like fabric on the inside of the ears is a nice touch. These Asian New Year bears are really very cool. I believe they started with the Year of the Dragon, unfortunately, I don’t have this rare bear, however I have seen a photo of the bear and he is really cool! You can see a great photo of the dragon bearista here at Anyway, I look forward to the bear for next year. I’m sure he is cute! They have even made the Year of the Rat cute!!! Can’t wait!!!


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