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How Many Bears?

The question will come to all of us collectors eventually: how many bears is too many bears? How long are we going to go on collecting? You know, your shelves fill up and then you box some of your bears up, because there is just no room. It started with the bearista bears, but then you start collecting random Starbucks things. A cup here and there maybe other plushies, bearista magnets, oh and then you see some cute sticker books. Where will it end? For me, well, I’m not quite sure. Part of me trimming down my collection meant that I wasn’t going to buy all of the baseball bears and all of the city bears with the same outfits. Then I wasn’t going to buy any Asia bears, but that went down the drain when I saw how adorable the Bearista Butterfly bears were! OMG, they are so adorable! Honestly, when I go into a Starbucks and I see new bears I get really happy and I am compelled to take them home! What is one more bear afterall? One bear has led to so many bears! I have to admit that I love having the collection. The bears are so cute and I love to look at all of them. I just need another HOUSE for all of them! haha. So, when will I stop collecting Bearista Bears? I have no idea. I guess one day I will just stop. It will be a sad day for sure. How do YOU know when to stop collecting??? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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Hi! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still working on I’m getting things done SLOWLY. I actually have about 16 Starbucks Cards loaded up with small and large photos if you are interested in looking at those. I have a lot of cards left to scan and load. Also, I have uploaded about six different bearista bears. I know it isn’t a lot right now, but you can see the bears in large and small sizes depending on which photo you click! So, the site is still under construction. I hope you can stop by sometime. 🙂

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BOTW#2: Year of the Pig Bearista 2007


Well, for the second Bearista of the Week I decided to continue with the Asia bearista theme. Here we have another Asian new year bear. He is dressed up as a pig to celebrate the Year of the Pig in 2007. The pig nose can be Continue reading “BOTW#2: Year of the Pig Bearista 2007”

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Thank You BearistaTales!

I just wanted to give a shout-out to the folks at for helping to inspire this blog/website thing that I have undertaken! When I saw how cute all the bears could look online I was really inspired to bring my own collection to the web too! I figure there can never be too many bear sites! Thank you BearistaTales! I hope someday my site will be as cool as yours! 🙂

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Rumor of Bearista Discontinuation!

Hi y’all! I heard a rumor that Starbucks is going to discontinue their line of Bearista Bears in the United States! Does anyone out there know if this rumor is true? I actually saw something that said the last bear would be the Easter bunny bear that is already out in stores. Will they still have bears in Asia? Why would they discontinue the bears? Let me know what you know! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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The Beginning Bearista Blog

Welcome to The Bearista Blog! This is a new blog that I am making in conjunction with my new website Both of these sites are dedicated to my addiction/love of the Starbucks Bearista Bears and other collectibles from Starbucks. I am in no way affiliated with Starbucks, I just wanted a place to talk to other people about the Bearista Bears and a place where I could show off all of my cute bears. Everything is currently under construction, so please excuse the lack of everything and mess! More to come later. 🙂