2003, finger puppets, starbucks, Starbucks Bearista Bears, The Muppets

Starbucks Muppets Finger Puppets

This is a somewhat rare collaboration item with Starbucks and The Muppets. Information found online says they are from 2003, but I can’t find a date on any of the puppets. These little cuties were sold on candy canes and are actually little puppets that you can put on your fingers. There appear to be two different collections. One is series #16 and includes 6 puppets, and one is the second series that includes 2 puppets.

Kermit the Frog 1/6 in #16 Edition 1
Beaker 2/6 in #16 Edition 1
Fozzie Bear 3/6 in #16 Edition 1
Gonzo 4/6 in #16 Edition 1
Animal 5/6 in #16 Edition 1
Rowlf 6/6 in #16 Edition 1
Miss Piggy 1/2 in #16 Edition 2
Swedish Chef 2/2 in #16 Edition 2









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