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Starbucks Muppets Finger Puppets

This is a somewhat rare collaboration item with Starbucks and The Muppets. Information found online says they are from 2003, but I can’t find a date on any of the puppets. These little cuties were sold on candy canes and are actually little puppets that you can put on your fingers. There appear to be two different collections. One is series #16 and includes 6 puppets, and one is the second series that includes 2 puppets.

Kermit the Frog 1/6 in #16 Edition 1
Beaker 2/6 in #16 Edition 1
Fozzie Bear 3/6 in #16 Edition 1
Gonzo 4/6 in #16 Edition 1
Animal 5/6 in #16 Edition 1
Rowlf 6/6 in #16 Edition 1
Miss Piggy 1/2 in #16 Edition 2
Swedish Chef 2/2 in #16 Edition 2









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Yellow Chick Bearista (2003)

You know Spring has arrived when the baby chicks start popping out! Well, here we have the 2003 Yellow Chick Bearista that is the 25th Edition in the series. This bear has the older style fuzzy fur and an orange nose with orange chick feet and an orange beak in the chick hood on his head! The chick suit is yellow with a cute tuft of yellow fur on the very top of his head. He also has a metal tag on his left foot with the year indicated. A great bear! 🙂 Click to enlarge. 🙂

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Spring Bunny Bearista with Pink (2003)

This Bearista is ready to go and dressed up in a bunny suit with pink paws, a pink belly, a pink nose and pink ears! He has on a multi-colored pastel ribbon and is adorned with the Starbucks year coin on the bottom of his left foot. This is the 26th edition of the Bearista series. His ear tag also has a poem that says “I’m a cuddly, fuzzy bunny who loves to play when it’s sunny. I’ll bring fun your way if you’ll take me home to stay!” They used to put poems on all of the tags, but, unfortunately, they quit doing that. 😦 This bunny bear has super soft fur that is sort of like a chenille fabric. You can’t see it in the pic, but he also has a fuzzy white tail! Super! Click to enlarge. 🙂

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Rudolph Bearista (2003)



2003 was a great year for Rudolph! Starbucks came out with the Rudolph small bearista and also a larger one. He has a nice red nose, a red scarf, and of course antlers. He has a Rudolph patch on his foot and on his other foot is the Starbucks Bearista year indicator medal. This is the 28th edition in the Bearista series. He also has a fluffy reindeer tail in the back and fluffy reindeer ears. Click the photos to enlarge. 🙂