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North America Valentine Girl (2011)

Another adorable Valentine’s Day Bearista this year! She is the 102nd Edition in the Bearista series. She is holding a letter in her hand and it says “True Love,” “To: the one I love” and “From: a secret admirer.” I have included a close up of the letter so you can see it better. 🙂 Her outfit this year is brown, pink and red. She is wearing brown slipper shoes that match her brown skirt that has pink hearts on it. Her shirt is red and the sweater is pink with red hearts on the edge. She’s also got a pink and brown bow and super-cute eyelashes! 🙂


6 thoughts on “North America Valentine Girl (2011)”

  1. Oh, another Valentines Bear! How beary, beary cute! Ben always thought it would be nice to have a little sister; he’s a Valentine’s Bear too, but he did ask Papa to take off the Valentine’s card he had in his hand, because he got tired of holding it all the time.

      1. Thanks Kristin. But I’m not able to find this version, though. The nearest i can get is the 98th edition.

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