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Another Discontinuation?


Well, it has been a bit disappointing this holiday season on the Bearista front. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any bears being sold anywhere in the United States stores. I am eagerly awaiting my bears that I bought on eBay, but those bears seem to have been only released in Asia. They are the gingerbread bears. The last Bearistas that I know of which were available in the US were the destination Bearistas with the blue caps and grey messenger bags.

Instead of Bearistas this holiday, Starbucks has released some cute reindeer and a little bird. Okay, they are cute and everything, but we want the bears! I know that Continue reading “Another Discontinuation?”

Bear, bearista, Rumors, starbucks, Starbucks Bearista Bears

Keeping the Bearistas Coming!

Okay, well I just talked to someone at Starbucks Customer Relations and this person told me that they are “definitely NOT” discontinuing the Bearista Bears in the United States, so all of you collectors out there don’t need to fret. It seems Starbucks will still be churning out the bears for some time to come! Yay! Bring on the bears!

Rumors, starbucks, Starbucks Bearista Bears

Rumor of Bearista Discontinuation!

Hi y’all! I heard a rumor that Starbucks is going to discontinue their line of Bearista Bears in the United States! Does anyone out there know if this rumor is true? I actually saw something that said the last bear would be the Easter bunny bear that is already out in stores. Will they still have bears in Asia? Why would they discontinue the bears? Let me know what you know! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂